Real Estate Investors Class( Essential & Advanced Module)Sept 7- Sept 11 Real Estate investing requires knowledge and experience for proper management of the return & risk elements of the investment. Whether you are an existing or intending investor or that you are in the business of packaging /managing real estate investment for others, or you are one into real estate finance, this class will enhance your skill and develop your capacity . Essential Module is for participant with little or no experience in real estate investing and Non-Estate Surveyors.

Advanced Module is for successful participants of Essential Module and Estate Surveyors intending to go into real estate investment and development.
Real Estate Appraisal and Valuation Using Ms Excel
Sept 2 -Sept. 24Thorough analysis in Real Estate and property valuation requires application of computer packages. A common tool of application in this regard is Microsoft Excel, a Spreadsheet package. The potentials in the use of Ms Excel are unlimited. It eases the task of appling statistical models, dealing with voluminous variables, carrying out Sensitivity Analysis and other seminar testing and generating support graphics/charts. With Ms Excel, the practicability of the various contemporary valuation and Appraisal models is possible. The training offers participants to build the capacity and bench marked wth international best practices.
Ms Powerpoint and Presentation StrategiesOct. 24 - Nov. 15Participants of this training has opportunity to be exposed to or at least refresh his/her presentation skills. The major part of the programme centre on the use of Microsoft Powerpoint as a presentation package. Besides, the basic rules of using the tool for mpactful delivery, participants are trained on the powerpoint features, tools and application. Sharpen your skill in presentation as a marketer, facilitator, Business Development Officer , Research and Development Officer, Board Member or even Preacher.
Attend or get your team to attend this training , be assured of its contribution to your performance or that of your team.
Strategic Property Portfolio ManagementOct 24 - Nov 1A property manager is not just a rent collector. Property Management is rather the management of real estate investment of assets involuntory management of landlord/tenant flowering of partnership. This training exposes participants to strategic issues in property portfolio management alongside neccessary management solutions and models.
Preparatory Classes for NIESV ExamsJan.18 - May 03The Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers(NIESV) has varous stages of Examination for condition to pursue professional qualification based on candidate's entry qualification.
Our preparatory classes provides candidate writing any of the stages opportunity to be tutored in preparation for the examination on one part and to learn the principles, therefore and even the practice of Estate Surveying and Valuation.
Use of Ms ProjectAug 10 - Aug 13Microsoft Project is a good and affordable tools for management of project delivery process. Highly flexible and friendly in time and resource planning and mandatory. Our Basic and Advanced Applcation of Ms Project in Project Management does not only equip participant with the skills of using Ms Project, it demonstrates the application to real life project planing. The training is practical. Participants are expected to follow-up with their laptop in the training session
Strategies of Making Rewarding Sales in Real Estate Agency.April 23 - April 24The practice of real estate agency can be rewarding f handle from the angle of knowledge and skills. This seminar guides participants on the process of prospecting and managing clients in real estate agency practice to be able to manage farhead transaction and manage client's objections among which is the usual objection to pay fees comonly expressed in Nigeria among other countries.
The Procedure and Prospects of Processing Governor's Consent.10-Dec.Governor's Consent is required by law for subsequent transaction on state allocated or state titled land in each respective state in Nigeria. This is therefore a process in an area of Land documentations.

The processing is a money spining service for real estate practitioners, and its know-how will let real estate investors whose main or underlying asset is land,to be guided.
This seminar provides the details of the procedure with the required documents, calculating statutory charges and the measures for hitch-free processing and obtain the consent.
Seminar on Time ManagementOne thing that successful people have in common is obligation to manage time and achieve better than other at work,social and family lives. This seminar exposes participants to effective and practical time management skill.